“2! 3!” Rises And Tops Multiple iTunes Charts For #ProjectBuy23

In a collective effort to show support during difficult times by fans, BTS’ “2! 3! (Still Wishing For More Good Days)” charts and tops multiple global music charts on iTunes.

The group’s first official fan song, “2! 3! (Still Wishing For More Good Days)”, enters and climbs the charts as ARMYs take part in #ProjectBuy23 as initiated and lead by beloved ARMY fanbase, btschartdata.

The project comes in the midst of the tense socio-political relations between South Korea and Japan in which the group has unwillingly become a target. Amid sensationalist reports and articles characterised by inadequate research, it is important to remember that such matters are ultimately much larger than the Korean music group and should not be reduced to just that.

Within hours of the project’s launch, “2! 3! (Still Wishing For More Good Days)” has already managed to debut at #1 in several countries and regions such as Jordan, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Argentina, Romania, Finland, Poland, Antigua and Barbuda, Sweden, and El Salvador. The also track continues to rise on iTunes’ other global charts as the project continues.

While fans have been monitoring the track’s position in their country’s chart under the hashtag, some have also taken it as an opportunity to uplift each other and to reflect.

Dedicated to ARMYs, “2! 3! (Still Wishing For More Good Days)” comes from the group’s second Korean studio album, WINGS. The track seeks to provide comfort for fans, gently reminding to hold onto the hope of a better tomorrow during moments of hardships. The recurring “One, two, three!” lyric is based on BTS official introduction and is used as a clever signal for the song’s listeners to let go of their pain throughout the track.

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Written by S. Acierda

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