ARMYs Assemble! Know all about ARMYs passion for BTS

We know how BTS is on their way to become household names. We welcome all new ARMYs, as this family keeps growing we wanted for all new fans to feel included. We’ll give an insight to how amazing ARMYs are!

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We’ll be giving you run down of what is like to be an ARMY. Sure, you’re thinking well isn’t it just like being a fan of any other group? ARMYs like to think there’s more than just being a fan. The passion these men demonstrate really inspire the rest of us to do as much as we can. We want them to achieve all of their dreams as they have helped many with their own internal struggles.

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Purple is a color very important to ARMYs. It signifies the love and trust between all the members of BTS and all the fans that make up ARMY. The term “I purple you” was coined by Taehyung. He is just the sweetest! Purple was also used as a project by @PurpleRibbnARMY (which you should definitely follow for future projects!)

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This phrase has also been added to Naver’s official dictionary!

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Just like BTS, who collaborated with Unicef in anti-violance campaign, ARMYs love helping in using their power for a good cause. They were able to trend #RoarForChange and raise $1M for unicef.(check all about it here!)  So you see how special ARMYs are? And that’s not the end of it!

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Last year, when the fandom was still a lot smaller, they were able to accumulate 300M votes when BTS was announced as a nominee for TOP SOCIAL ARTIST in for Billboard Music Awards in 2017. Within 18 hours, they had achieved a whooping 20M votes making the website for BBMAs crash. This year, they went even beyond that wanting to break the record for the most tweeted hashtag of all time!

So now let’s get to how BTS was able to get into radios across the US. BTSx50states was created by a group of ARMYs with the challenge of getting a Korean group into US mainstream radios. They had it very rough at first with many radios just hanging up in them yet that didn’t deter this group of great people! They kept requesting until the movement picked up momentum and now look at where we are now. They even have different twitter accounts for each region of the US and are super helpful when it comes to requesting. Definitely a great source for new ARMYs!

This fandom just keeps getting more amazing. Yet that’s not the end of it. ARMYs are driven by pure desire of seeing these men achieve the unimaginable. ARMYs don’t think it’s a chore or a requirement to be a fan. They feel like the love being given to them by BTS should be mutual, so they work hard to return that love.

BTS broke into the top 40 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart with Mic Drop entry at 27 which broke their previous record with DNA charting at 67 on the same chart. ARMYs are very organized and united fandom when it comes to getting BTS into the charts. BTSonHot100 has made very helpful threads and has even done a few drives to raise money for BTS’ songs. Another resourceful account all ARMYs need to follow!

Can you see how hard ARMYs work? They are very dedicated and anyone can see how much BTS mean to them. So what do you think? Are you ready to become part of this amazing family? Let us know what you think by tweeting us @ForeverBTScom


Written by Adriana Garcia

My Name is Adriana and I'm 23 years old. I've been into BTS since 2014! Love all 7 members equally and I'm just so proud at how far they've come!!