Bang PD Nim Hints a New Music Video!

BTS @ the bbmas'18 (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

On May 20, 2018, Bang PD nim had posted a tweet on Twitter explaining why he was not able to attend the bbmas and why he had stood back home in Korea. Currently, Bang PD nim is editing a new music video! On Monday, May 21st, he posted a recent conversation he had with Jin, discussing how he had stood back, editing a new music video.

Translation of the conversation between Bang PD and Jin (credits to @peachBoy_0613 on twitter for the translation):

Bang PD: Is it fun keke

Jin: Since I’m handsome it’s fun

Bang PD: Kekek then even if I went, it would’ve not fun for me

I did well staying in Korea editing the MV

Now concentrate on the performance

Jin: It was really just for fun, okay

Jin: I’ll succeed and go back

This recent conversation between the two has ARMY tweeting and posting many different possibilities. As many more ARMY hear about the news about the upcoming music video, many had started predicting what song the music video would be for.

Most ARMY predict it is either going to be Airplane pt. 2 or Anpanman. Including that many believe the next music video will have to do with the current HYYH storyline, resuming where the story had left off from Fake Love. Which would lead to even more theories in which many fans enjoy making and solving.

Although we still do not have many details on what the music video is or when it will be released, fans are excited to see what BTS has in store for us next! Knowing them, the next music video will be just as amazing just like all the other music videos have been!

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Written by ParkSora

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