BTS- 7 boys breathing life into everything around them

“Sold Out” or “Site crashed” are common words in ARMY dictionary. When BTS was nominated for BBMA’s there were 300 Million votes when they received the award, they had the loudest cheers.

When they performed in AMA’s the tickets vanished too quickly and fan chants were loud enough to make people wonder, who are these guys?

The TRP for everything BTS hits the peak, be it a reality show in Korea or talk show in the US.

But why is this happening? How are seven boys doing this magic?

Because BTS is breathing life into things. As a huge amount of fans around the world connect with them through lyrics and their day to day interactions on social media and constant efforts to reach out to fans, they fall in the category of friend and idol. So whenever any brand or anything has BTS’ named attached to it, it automatically “trends” be it on Social Media or the business world.

The influential power of these boys is visible through the fact the even the brand names they don’t endorse become popular if they are seen wearing it on a casual day. Their LINE Friends collaboration has seen a massive favorable response and fans all over the world are eager to get their hands on the merchandise.

With BTS’ Midas Touch we hope to see many successful collaborations in future as well. And even though their brand value right now is very high, this group has decided to use this power for good cause of donating to UNICEF Love Myself campaign.

With an upcoming world tour ARMY’s are in panic mode to buy tickets before they lose the chance to see them up-close performing their numerous hits as the boys fly around the globe keeping their word to visit as many countries as possible.

Good Luck to everyone out there waiting for the Hunger Games to begin!