BTS ARMY Roars For a Change

ARMY trended worldwide when BTS announced their partnership with UNICEF’s campaign against violence (#ENDViolence) last year. This advocacy also gave birth to #BTSLoveMyself hashtag which promotes self-love, especially among youth. Fans can also participate by donating directly to UNICEF or by purchasing a Love Yourself album.

ARMY stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth

ARMY, the name of the fandom of the biggest Korean group in the world right now, have truly lived up to their name. On May 4th, BTS ARMY have accumulated more than 1 million tweets for the hashtag #RoarForChange. Fans have turned themselves into an “army of purpose” by promoting the said hashtag on Twitter. Entertainment Journalist, George Pennacchio called on BTS ARMY to show their power for charity stating that Force For Change US will donate $1 for every like or share.

BTS ARMY fan bases were quick to circulate this within the fandom, motivating their co-fans to support the project. In no time, these dedicated fans were able to trend #RoarForChange worldwide. Number of new tweets and retweets have also surpassed the one million mark shortly. This is an impressive achievement especially that the original timeframe given was three weeks but these fans were able to finish it in just a few hours.

Star Wars thanked fans and acknowledged the efforts of BTS ARMY

Star Wars official Twitter account have congratulated and thanked BTS ARMY for an incredible job they have done. In fact, even after reaching the one million milestone, most fans are still promoting this hashtag to raise awareness to other Twitter users.

The success of #RoarForChange campaign will provide food packets for children who are suffering from malnutrition. For more information, please go to

Congratulations to BTS ARMY!

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Written by Leilani

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