BTS Bask in The Sun in Teaser for 2018 Summer Package in Saipan

The Kpop group teases ARMYs with the release of a little clip for their annual Summer Package.

On July 13, while most fans were anticipating more information on the upcoming comeback, the Kpop group dropped a preview video for Summer Package with this year’s location being in the Northern Mariana Island of Saipan.

The short teaser opened up with playful social media account, cutely and very much uniquely dubbed BTStagram. Fans were then shown a multitude of SNS posts of the group getting up to Saipan summer fun complete with written captions and hashtags. Towards the end, the video showed more footage of the members enjoying themselves with J-Hope endearingly tracing the group’s fandom name into the sand and Jin being adorably startled by a sting-ray.

The video concluded with a preview of fans can expect of the package including what seems to be keychain straps, photo-cards, and a case that appears to be designed to look like a travel carrier. The pre-release date for the BTS Summer Package in Saipan is on the July 24 while the official release date is to be on August 14.

Details For This Year’s Summer Package.

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Written by S. Acierda

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