BTS: Burn The Stage Ended With A Bang

The end has come for BTS: Burn The Stage series on Youtube Red. The curtains have finally rolled down just like how Wings Tour has wrapped up too. But BTS isn’t done yet..

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Burn The Stage: Dreams and Perseverance

On the final episode of BTS: Burn The Stage series, Jin talked about being inexperienced and uninterested about singing before joining BTS. The eldest member of the group expressed his burning desire to be better in performing. He said that he practices hard so he can improve because he loves what he’s doing. Other BTS members recognized their “hyung’s” (older brother) eagerness and even complimented how much Jin has improved over the years.

While the youngest of the group, Jungkook, stated that their fans loved them for their hard work and that ARMYs made all great things possible for them.


Burn The Stage: Support and Realizations

RM, the leader of the group, is thankful to their staff and crew for helping them accomplish things that seemed to be impossible before. Meanwhile, V once again reiterated that BTS has 7 members and they come together as one. He hopes that fans would love all seven of them. This statement implied that the members are aware of these “solo stans” and V was quick to shut them all down.

Suga, on the other hand, realized that what truly matters is that they get to do concerts and share music with their fans. He wants to be able to do these things with ARMYs for a long time and that it doesn’t matter whether the same amount of people will watch them.


Burn The Stage: Gratitude and Commitment

JHope swore to continue working hard for ARMYs as they keep their passion for music burning. Lastly, Jimin promised to see ARMYs again soon as he suffered from an injury during their concert in Macau. He also committed to become a team with a good cause because he wanted their fans to be able to freely show their love and support for the group.

All the BTS members expressed their utmost gratitude to the entire ARMY fandom because of their immeasurable support for the group. They always knew that these wonderful opportunities happened because of two things: BTS’ hard work and ARMY’s love.


BTS: Life After Burn The Stage

BTS will continue their “world domination” even after their first Youtube Red series has wrapped up. The group has announced its comeback on the 18th and they are nominated in several music award shows in different countries. The series may have had its finale but BTS isn’t done yet as they are set to conquer the world with their music and passion.


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