BTS Collects The Artist Daesang Among Other Wins At The 2018 Asia Artist Awards

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The Korean music group claims the main award among many at this year’s third annual Asia Artist Awards.

On November 28, the annual Asia Artist Awards was held at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon, South Korea. The Asia Artist Awards, or most commonly abbreviated to AAA, is an awards ceremony celebrated to recognise the extraordinary achievements of Asian artists and their contribution to television, film and music on a global scale.

BTS were awarded the grand prize for music, receiving the “AAA Artist Daesang” for the first time.

The group also took home several other awards during the night. The group was first awarded the “AAA Korean Tourism Appreciation Plaque” with the music video and photoshoot sets of “Save Me” and “Spring Day” becoming popular sight-seeing places among tourists. BTS also received the “AAA Star Pay Popularity Award”,  the “AAA Fabulous Award”, and “Artist of the Year” along with other idol groups.

The staff working behind the scenes with the group had also been recognised during the ceremony. Big Hit Entertainment’s in-house producer, P-Dogg, was awarded the “Best Producer” while BTS’ choreographer, Son Sungdeuk, won the award for “Best Performance Director”.

BTS also were the night’s final performers with the group taking the stage for their smash-hits “FAKE LOVE” and “IDOL” despite the technical difficulties with audio transmissions as reported by those watching the live stream. While accounts coming from fans inside the venue claim that the sound was fine, the issue seems to lie with the award ceremony’s broadcast audio. Regardless, BTS still championed on to give a stunning performance.

In 2016, BTS had previously won the “Best Artist Award” for music along with Twice. In the same year, the group had also won the “Best Icon Award” also as candidates for the music category.

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Written by S. Acierda

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