BTS Confirmed To Comeback in August

Despite previously dismissing earlier reports, BTS have confirmed a comeback in late August.

On July 17, it was announced that Love Yourself: Answer would be set to release on August 24 on the group’s fan cafe. A notice was issued out for the upcoming album’s preorders which will commence on July 18.

It has been heavily speculated by the media that the anticipated album will serve as a conclusion to the Love Yourself series that initially begun with last year’s release of Love Yourself: Her.

Also, that any new songs released with the album will be premiered at the first Love Yourself concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium with reports of the group not promoting the upcoming release.

According to Sports Donga, the new album will be a counted as a separate release to the recent Love Yourself: Tear full-album. Not specified to be a repackaged album, a number of new songs accompanying this reportedly special album. The group allegedly had worked on this album during promotions for their last comeback and are in the final stages of preparation as previously expressed in a News1 report. However, none of these details have not been confirmed by Bighit Entertainment.

The day before, Grammy-winning producer, Dj Swivel, and highly regarded and influential South-Korean artist, Tiger JK, expressed interest over news of the group’s comeback leading to fan speculation of possible collaborations.

However, with the news of Bighit Entertainment having officially confirmed a comeback, most ARMYs are ecstatic over the speculation of member Jin opening this particular album with a solo track, completing the trend of BTS’ vocalists providing the intro tracks to the Love Yourself albums with the exception of Jungkook who released Euphoria whose song was instead featured on a short film connected to the campaign.

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Written by S. Acierda

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