BTS Continues their Winning Streak with the Song, “Fake Love”

After releasing their new album, Love Yourself Tear, BTS has been winning many awards, having a current winning streak of six awards so far. When they had returned from Los Angeles, they had received their first award for, “Fake Love,” from Music Bank. They were up against GFRIEND. BTS had gained 10,493 points to GFRIEND’s 5,025. After they had won, BTS had promised ARMY, a joyful encore version of, “Fake Love.”

On May 26, BTS had taken another win. BTS’s “Fake Love,” GFRIEND’s “Time for the Moon’s Night,” and TWICE’s “What is Love,” were the contenders for first place on Music Core. BTS had also performed “Fake Love,” Airplane Pt.2 and Apanman on Music Core as well.


On May 26th, BTS had received their third win on Inkigayo. As they continue their successful winning streak, BTS continues to thank ARMYs for making this possible for them and saying how grateful they are. As BTS has said before, this could not all be possible without the amazing help from many ARMY all across the world!

On May 30th, BTS achieves their fourth win with, “Fake Love” on Show Champion. The nominees were BTS’ “Fake Love,” Lovelyz’s “That Day,” (G)I-DLE’s “LATATA,” GFRIEND’s “Time for the Moon’s Night,” and Crush’s “Bittersweet.” Although, BTS were unable to attend the show today so they had sent in a video message to thank the ARMY. Within the video message they brought up how they are not the ones who are the champions but ARMY are ones who are the real, “champions.”

Going for their fifth win, on May 31st, BTS wins their fifth win on M! Countdown. BTS’ “Fake Love,” was up against (G)I-DLE’s “LATATA,” for first place. BTS had then won with a perfect score 11,000 while (G)I-DLE had received a score of 2,977. BTS had given a speech after winning the M! Countdown to thank ARMY for another win.

The English translation for the speech:

Jungkook: It’s been a while since we’ve been on M!Countdown, thank you for giving us first place. Recently, there have been so many good things happening and personally, I’ve been feeling a bit pressured, but all this glory was made by ARMYs. From now on, we’ll work even harder!

Taehyung: Those who helped us fly greatly, ARMY, who are like wings to us, thank you for being able to make us fly wonderfully. We’ll become a cooler BTS!

[Translation Credits to; @peachboy_0613 on twitter]

After receiving these wins and still counting, Some of the members had tweeted on twitter, posting pictures thanking the ARMY. On May 31st, Jin had posted a selfie with Jungkook.

The message translates to:

We got 1st place today on M!Countdown thanks to you all. Thank you!! I love you.

[Translation credits to; Mary @bts_trans]


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