BTS Drop FAKE LOVE / Airplane pt.2 Along With A Gorgeous New Music Video

BTS drop their ninth Japanese single album, FAKE LOVE / Airplane pt.2, along with a music video with a new music video for “Airplane pt.2.”

On November 7, BTS released their highly anticipated single album, FAKE LOVE / Airplane pt.2, along with a new music video for a fan favourite track.

The new digital release features the Japanese versions of “FAKE LOVE” and “Airplane pt. 2” along with a fresh remix for the prior track. The remix has already drawn some speculation with a number of fans comparing it to the demo of “FAKE LOVE” that RM had played on a live stream earlier this year. The “IDOL (Stadium Remix)” that had been teased to be on the tracklist only seemingly comes with the physical copy or has been only made available on streaming services based in Japan.

The drop was also accompanied by a stunning music video for the Japanese version of “Airplane pt.2.”

The music video features the group showing off their dynamic choreography for which they are famously known for in a series of strikingly colourful sets while paying homage to the track’s cultural inspiration. A handful of iconic scenes to take away include Jin and RM playfully exchanging lines before it smoothly cuts to the rapper being back at the bar while the rest of the group dance behind him, j-hope showcasing his polished moves on bar’s countertop, and the group finishing off the song’s dance while it rains towards the end.

Thoughts? What parts of the music video are your favourite? How are we feeling about the new remix for “FAKE LOVE”? I really have no idea what to stream at this stage anymore. Tweet us at @ForeverBTScom!

Written by S. Acierda

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