BTS Drops First Batch of Love Yourself: Answer Concept Photos

On August 13, 2018, BTS had released the first batch of Love Yourself: Answer’s concept photos. Out of the four versions they will be releasing, so far “S” and “E” concept photos have been shown.

After interviewing a fan for their opinions and theories so far for the S version of the concept photos, here is what they have to say about the photos:

“It did give me like a creepy vibe and stuff since it was all hands, eyes and stuff but I think it’s a symbol that they’re gonna expose all the crap they’ve held in for so long. I think the meaning behind the hands are, the fans that harass them at the airports or any other place and the eyes and cameras represent the government watching over them.”

-Anonymous ARMY

Looking at the outfit choices for the S version, it seems they have used a retro theme to them. Which makes the theme more old-fashion. Taking a deeper look and reading other ARMYs’ theories about these photos, many have correlated to the novel, 1984, written by George Orwell. Going off the way they are posed and how they are avoiding the hands, cameras, and eyes, correlates to 1984, which the setting of the novel is a dystopia.

Interviewing the same ARMY as before, here is what they have to say about these photos:

“In the group photo their tied up like dolls and in fake love J-hope says: ‘trying to erase me and make me your doll.’ If you noticed in the photo, there’s a wind up key. Usually you give the doll a given command in other words you ‘control’ the doll.

The solo pics you see them inside a bubble with flowers which probably represent that theyre trapped in paradise(?). But if you noticed, Jungkook is the only guy with the dead plants which refers back to their songs, ‘Dead Leaves’ and ‘The Truth Untold.’ He also represents the omelas boy from spring day. Which symbolizes that he traded himself in for the other members’ happiness.”

-Anonymous ARMY

As to what it seems, the E version is portraying a doll-like concept. It could mean many possibilities but also could represent the idol industry and how hard it could be on said idol?

Putting both versions together one ARMY has said,

“So with the first set of comeback teaser pictures, I think that we’re going to get an album partially about how difficult idol life is, and partially continuing the ‘Reflection of Youth’ story, hence why version S looks so different from version E.”

-Anonymous ARMY

Otherwise, the concept photos are a very beautiful and pleasing to look at. BTS should be releasing the next two, L & F very soon! What are some of your thoughts and theories about these two versions of Love Yourself: Answer so far? Feel free to send us what you think on twitter using @ForeverBTScom!


Written by ParkSora

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