BTS – The Movement

What is making BTS an actual cultural movement rather than just a business?

BTS, the cultural movement I’m talking about is the 7 piece Korean Group consisting of Jin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. They took over the American Music Awards’ stage last November and delivered a phenomenal performance of their title track “DNA” off of their EP “Love Yourself: Her”. By doing so they really made sure their name was going to be on everyone’s lips for the following months with nothing but praise.

DNA Performance Movement
AMAs November 2017

After 5 years of activity, in 2017 the Korean Group broke an impressive amount of sale records in the US. Debuted on the Billboard Hot 200 and successfully scored their first ever Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist. It is safe to say they have finally broken into the western music market.

But what exactly has allowed them to reach such achievement?

In a predominantly English speaking pop culture, artists presenting music in another language and being recognized for their quality, is quite a miracle! Starting as underdogs within their own country’s industry, they are growing out from the limitative  “K-Pop” etiquette. The group has differentiated so much that they represent an absolutely unique phenomenon on a global scale.

Critic Im Jin Mo“Now BTS has officially become the face of K-Pop. The group has made a huge impact in shaping and rearranging the industry. Prior to BTS, many thought K-Pop was on the decline but it seems BTS has breathed new life into the music industry.”

Their self written music explores the topics of mental health, social and political issues, expectations of youth culture and so on. All of these elements merging into a fictional story line they have extended among all of their creative work. Using symbolism and referencing postmodern literature, existentialism, surrealism, philosophical and mythological paradigms and psychological concepts as a substitute to the low presence of dialogue. Making it a creative multidimensional masterpiece that sets them apart from any musician. A story most likely planned years in advance given its unraveling complexity.

These topics are also not commonly discussed within the rigid and conservative Korean culture. Making their art a movement rather than just an entertainment business.

The multidimensionality of their art is bringing a new and fresh creative wave in music. An approach that the western and the K-pop scene are both still unfamiliar with.

Euphoria Short Film Movement
BTS – Euphoria

Their presence is crucial not just for Asian representation, but worldwide! Exhibiting the diversity we need to allow people to expand their horizons in their consumption of art.

BTS have indeed a huge and exciting year ahead. On May 7th they have dropped the Comeback Trailer to their new highly anticipated full length album “Love Yourself: Tear” which will be released on May 18thThe trailer song – “Singularity”, performed by V, captivated a large and demographically diverse audience, thanks to the warm and soulful voice tone of the singer, along with the hauntingly beautiful melody of the R&B track.

After a second Billboard nomination, we can also expect a performance on May 20th at the Billboard Music Awards. Where they will premiere a yet to be announced single. Scheduling a second appearance on “The Ellen Show” as well, BTS are thriving. The world better be ready for the movement that’s ahead. Advocating diversity, unity, love and kindness.

A brand new, dark and introspective era is upon us, but what are you most excited for? Let us know on Twitter using @ForeverBTScom.

Written by milicazaseva

Hi! I'm Milly, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Italy. I'm a psychology student at Uni, something that really managed to amplify my passion and understanding of the human behaviour and mental states. I often like to merge and incorporate that gained knowledge in my writing and analyze events and phenomenons from that perspective. I'm also very passionate about Social Activism and I'm a proud Feminist. I love to read and educate myself about such topics in order to be able to be as functional as possible to society.