BTS Performed at CitiField; First K-Pop Band to Perform in a US Stadium

On October 6, 2018, BTS had performed their first American stadium performance at Citifield. At most, about 50,000 ARMYs had attended the concert. It became a memorable due to the boys and the ARMYs who have attended.

About a week before the day of the concert, ARMYs had started to camp outside in the stadium’s parking lot. Even the security guards who were working at Citifield have never seen such dedication ever before! Fans will do anything, even if it means camping out for a week to be as close to BTS as possible.

As the show started, the opening song was, “Idol,” which is the title track in their recent album, “Love Yourself Answer.” Then following after was “Save Me,” transitioning into another recent song from their recent album, “I’m Fine.” From performing songs from the Love Yourself series to some older songs such as, “Run,” “I Need U,” “Boys in Luv,” and more!

Not forgetting their solo stages, J-Hope starts off with his solo, “Trivia 起: Just Dance,” and following after is “Euphoria,” which is performed by Jungkook. Following their set list, next for solo stages were, Jimin’s “Serendipity” and RM’s “Trivia 承: Love.” After, followed Taehyung’s “Singularity,” and finally Suga’s “Trivia 轉: Seesaw” and Jin’s “Epiphany.”

Hearts were touched during, “The Truth Untold,” from the meaningful lyrics within the song and the emotion the vocalists had shared throughout the song especially from Taehyung. As he sung “The Truth Untold,” he fought back tears he had felt throughout the performance.

It does not end here. After finishing “Answer: Love Myself,” fans started cheering for BTS while also going the wave with their ARMY bombs throughout the stadium. Not forgetting, Jimin had started crying during the ending. He must have realized how far they have came as a group. It is a big accomplishment to be the first group to perform live in an American Stadium!

During their final speech, Suga had mentioned, “This is only the beginning. You guys know what I mean, right? Which means that, maybe next year. I’ll leave it to your guys’ imagination. For us, we dreamed a dream and you guys imagined it, and now we’re here. Let’s see each other next year,” via translator. Is Suga hinting a world tour next year? Maybe so!

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Written by ParkSora

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