BTS Performed at the Lotte Family Concert Revealing their New Hair Colors

On June 22, 2018, BTS had performed at the 2018 Lotte Duty Free Family Concert. They had performed Airplane Pt. 2, Fire, Fake Love, Brit Rock Remix of Spring Day, Anpanman, and Mic Drop. When BTS went on stage and was ready to perform, fans had noticed that some of the members had changed their hair color and some had changed their hair style.

V had dyed his hair blonde and kept his mullet as well. RM had dyed his hair a lighter brown compared to what is was before. Jimin had went with an undercut and dyed his hair brown. Suga had also changed his hairstyle to what seems like a undercut similar to Jimin’s. J-Hope’s hair stood the same style and color as before. Jin had dyed his hair blonde.

What shocked fans the most was the color Jungkook picked. Jungkook had dyed his hair red. This shocked fans because, Jungkook has not dyed his hair a different color in a few years. He had always chosen a different shade of brown. The big change from those different shades of browns had surprised many.


Many fans currently are raving about BTS’ new looks. Although, many seem to think that BTS is tricking us with their hair styles and colors again. Some believe Taehyung and Jin were wearing wigs. Jungkook’s hair is not actually red and probably just used colored hair spray on his hair. Yoongi’s hair is not actually brown and probably red.

BTS had confirmed and is currently preparing something to reveal to us. Although having doubts that the styles and colors are fake, many are curious to what BTS and Big Hit are working on. What are your thoughts on BTS’ new hair styles and colors? What do you think BTS is currently working on? Send us your thoughts on twitter using @ForeverBTScom!

Written by ParkSora

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