BTS Performs At Cultural Event Celebrating Korean And French Companionship

The world’s biggest boyband makes a special appearance at a friendship concert between South Korea and France in front of an audience of esteemed guests.

On October 14, BTS performed at a special concert commemorating Korean and French relations in Paris, France.

BTS performed their hit songs, ‘DNA’ and their most recent album title track, ’IDOL’ at ‘Échos des Musiques de Corée’ at the ‘Theatre ale 13ème Art’ performing arts venue. Roughly translated to ‘The Echo of Korean Musicians’, besides the global music group, the companionship concert had a line-up featuring an array of traditional Korean performers and fusion musicians to help further expand cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Around 400 people were in attendance ranging from government representatives and politicians, influential business figures, artists, and students. Among the guests were South Korean president Moon Jaein and the first lady Kim Jung Sook with whom the group were able to take photos with.

It was also revealed that BTS’ appearance at the friendship concert might have acted as an incentive for President Moon’s attendance with the South Korean president being no stranger to showing the group support.

Besides the South Korean president, the group also took photos with other highly regarded figures. Such individuals include of former French government minister, Fleur Pellerin, French National Assembly member, Joachim Son-Forget, and Arianespace Chief Executive, Stéphane Israël.

This special guest performance at ‘Échos des Musiques de Corée’ comes a week before BTS’ own show in France as the group continue the European leg of the ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ world tour, the global superstars having just successfully finished a concert at Amsterdam.

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Written by S. Acierda

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