BTS Reveal Comeback Trailer for New Album, “LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR”

BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear 'Singularity' Comeback Trailer

With almost two weeks to go until BTS drop their most anticipated latest album, LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR”, a follow up to last years “LOVE YOURSELF: HER”, they and their company BigHit Entertainment have finally given their fans what they are waiting for. A comeback trailer. In K-Pop, every new release is known as a comeback. The new releases come with a variety of extras in the run-up to the actual release; including trailers, teasers, concept photos, track lists and a highlight medley of all the upcoming tracks.

And BigHit have finally given the ARMY what they are waiting for. After the previously and recently released Euphoria was revealed to not be part of the upcoming album, fans became antsy over what the expect. And today, a trailer was dropped. Titled BTS LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR ‘SINGULARITY’ Comeback Trailer, this had confirmed one of many theories floating around as to what the new releases had to offer. That a song called Singularity would be one of the leading tracks and that one of the members would be centre of that track. That member was Kim Taehyung, A.K.A V. In this song and video, he showcased a dark and almost haunting aura and showed off his deep, husky voice and even his solo dance abilities. Fans, including us, were certainly not disappointed and were left wanting more. Even more buzzed for the title track to be revealed.

The album is due to drop on the 18th May, with pre orders already heading towards 2 Million in the first couple of weeks. Including 4 different version; T, E, A and R. Following a similar pattern as with their last two albums, WINGS and LOVE YOURSELF: HER.

The tensions are building and fans are showing their excitement with full force.

Even the members of BTS seem excited!

(Translates to “Our Taehyungie is so cool ☺👍 #Singularity”)

Are you ready? I think we are!

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