BTS Sends A Happy Chuseok Greeting

The Korean group sends out their best wishes for one of the biggest and most traditional Korean holidays.

Regarded as one of the biggest events on the Korean calendar, Chuseok is a harvest festival that falls around the autumn equinox. During the national three-day holiday break Koreans visit their hometowns to gather with family, celebrating by sharing meals of traditional Korean food and stories and acknowledging an appreciation for their ancestors. The national holiday can be compared to the U.S. tradition of Thanksgiving.

On September 23, the group uploaded an official Youtube video wishing everyone a wonderful Chuseok. True to BTS, the greeting included light-hearted banter and playful jokes between the members.

Big Hit Entertainment had also previously uploaded a photoset of the group in the same tasteful traditional attire on their official Facebook page just a day earlier on September 22. The album, ‘Happy Chuseok 2018’, is a collection of eight images and features one group photo and individual shots of the members.

Thoughts? Happy Chuseok! Though happy holidays if you’re celebrating other harvest festivals that are falling around this time! Also, how great do BTS look in their hanboks? Remember to stream ‘IDOL’ for clear skin! Tweet us at @ForeverBTScom!

Written by S. Acierda

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