BTS surprises with FAKE LOVE’S second Teaser

A snap from the mv

The official Bighit Youtube channel just uploaded the second teaser for their upcoming track Fake Love which is the title track of their new album Love Yourself : Tear.

The teaser is 28 seconds long and it shows an image of the boys and a small clip of them dancing. The visuals of the mv are amazing. It shows some statues, ivory walls and the floor breaking into stairs (?). The boys look absolutely breathtaking. This 28 second clip served so many visuals and it happened so fast that it took almost a minute to comprehend what had actually happened !


Judging from the audio, we can say that it’s more of an edm + pop + r&b type of a song.

And to be very honest, this comeback is bigger, wilder and more visually pleasing than the others.

Some Non-Armys went to the James Cordon Show to watch their performance and they say that they were not disappointed. Some Armys said that the dance and the music is more powerful than the blood sweat and tears era, which was the title track of their first official album,  Wings.

I am sure this era is gonna be the death of Armys all around the world.

BTS out there ready to break their own records and mark their place as Kings.

Love Yourself : Tear drops on 18th May this friday at 6 pm KST.

You can check the music teaser right here :