BTS Teases Love Yourself: Answer Comeback with #화양연화TheNotes

The Kpop icons drop the first comeback teaser for Love Yourself: Answer in the form of the HYYH Notes.

On August 7 KST, Big Hit Entertainment dropped a preview for Love Yourself: Answer’s edition of the HYYH Notes much to the excitement of fans and panic of translators.

Based in the Bangtan Universe, the preview’s entry is written by member Seokjin and is set the future, and wonderful ARMY translators have kindly provided multiple detailed translation accounts of what the notes detail.

As per usual, ARMYs had trending #화양연화TheNotes worldwide in their excitement with the hashtag filled with classic gif and meme reactions, and also speculations of its connection to the group’s official storyline arc.

One of the more popular theories is a possible parallel between the recent Love Yourself comebacks and HYYH era that officially marked the start of the Bangtan Universe in their music videos. Another is that the notes make a direct reference to the Japanese MV version of Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Others go on to expand the possibility of time travelling and alternate universes that has been heavily speculated since the release of the Love Yourself Highlight Reels.

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Written by S. Acierda

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