BTS To Become The First Idol Group And The Youngest Recipients Of The Hwagwan Order Of Cultural Merit

BTS is set to receive the highest civil cultural honour awarded by the South Korean government for their outstanding achievements in advancing the nation’s culture and arts.

On October 8, it was announced that BTS would receive the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit from the South Korean government, marking them as the youngest recipients and the first idol group to receive the honour.

The Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit is awarded to those who have accomplished outstanding feats that have contributed to promoting and advancing the development of South Korea’s culture and artist. It is the fifth grade of the highest honour among other awards. Such honours include the likes of the President Commendation, the Prime Minister Commendation, and the Minister of Cultural, Sports, and Tourism Commendation.

Earlier this August, BTS were announced as one of the candidates for the honour among other esteemed figures Korean pop culture scene. All listed nominees were equipped with a minimum of 37 years of experience in their respective field with the remarkable exception of BTS and their five years.

BTS are to receive the Hwagwan Order Of Cultural Merit for their immeasurable contributions to advancing the Hallyu Wave by setting new records for the Kpop industry and Korean music, especially in light of the performance of the group’s most recent albums, the ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ series. Along with international music markets, namely Japan and the U.S., the group is also being recognized for their domestic accomplishments. BTS are also being acknowledged for furthering the spread of Hangul through their Korean lyrics.

The group is said to receive theHwagwan Order Of Cultural Merit along with veteran actor Lee Soonjae on October 24 at the 2018 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards ceremony.

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Written by S. Acierda

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