BTS’ V Responds to Young Fanboy with Heart-Warming Handwritten Letter

The idol answers back to an adorable letter written to him by a nine-year-old boy with a handwritten message on Twitter.

Earlier in May, a photo went viral within the ARMY community on social media of a note to the idol by young fanboy, Yoon Jihoo. The heartfelt letter described how the group provided the nine-year-old with comfort when he felt alone and how he was able to find a friend through BTS’ V.

Naturally, a number of fans were eager to see V respond to the young fan in being touched by the message’s sincerity, once again seeing how the group’s impact limited itself to no one. To their delight, the BTS member recently replied with his own handwritten letter posted on the group’s official Twitter account.

The endearing response warmed the hearts of ARMYs with fans noticing that V had decided to doodle a small drawing of his personal BT21 character, TaTa, smiling in content after the original letter expressed a wish for TaTa to smile more. The idol’s letter also included other playful details including some cheeky parallels.

This cute exchange between idol and fan over social media ultimately serves as just another reminder of BTS’ healing influence with many fans surely being able to relate with their own anecdote of how the group has provided them comfort in one way or another.

Written by S. Acierda

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