BTS Went Classic with O and R Concept Photos

On May 9, 12AM KST, Twitter world has been taken by storm! That’s right! Big Hit Entertainment finally released the first set of concept photos for LOVE_YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ album.

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Sultry, Dreamy, and Pure

It’s quite a challenge to find the right words to describe the photos. In the O version, BTS members once again showed their “dark side” which we have seen mostly during Wings era. The black and white concept delivered a classic but dreamy vibe. Members fully-utilized their beautiful features, turned them into soulful emotions which the camera have successfully captured.

Meanwhile, the R version showcased “the-never-getting-old” denim look. The boys resembled those models straight from a denim print advertisement. (Shout out to denim companies out there, get your million-sellers now.) BTS looked so fragile and pure just by looking at their eyes.

Shirtless BTS member? Say no more!

These men are equally gorgeous but Jimin stole the hearts of many as he went out with just a jacket and no shirt at all. He’s not stopping there. The way his Calvin Klein underwear pops out is just too hot to handle. Move over, Christian Grey. Park Jimin is out there looking alluring as ever without even taking off his shirt!

Anticipation rises as O and R concept photos drop

Fans and even media outlets are now very much anticipating the release of Y and U version concept photos. Some are already speculating that it will cater an even “darker vibe”. Not just Korean media but media all over the world, including U.S., are talking about BTS comeback. News articles are all over the internet and ARMYs are taking over Twitter almost every day! In fact, #LOVE_YOURSELF trended worldwide just a few minutes after Big Hit Entertainment blessed ARMYs with these captivating photos of BTS.


Truly, all eyes are on BTS right now!


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