Burn The Stage Ep. 8, the last of a documentary of effort and self-love

This may 9, it drops the last episode ‘I Need U’, of the documentary Burn The Stage of BTS on YouTube Red platforms.

In this episode we can see how they prepare for their last concert of 2017 BTS Live Trilogy. Episode III: The Wings Tour. 

Throughout each episode we saw the sacrifice and effort they make each day to be better artists, to be better for their fans, make them feel proud. 

We seen how the BTS boys have grown as persons too, since they made their debut, until last year that they recorded the documentary, until today.

They have taught us how important it is to arrange differences together, as a family, they have shown us their most human and sensitive side, that they also get tired, and can make mistakes. 

For them, it is not just to get on stage and dance and sing some songs, for them it is more than that, prepare choreographies, speeches, rehearse day and night until exhaustion to present an “almost perfect” show as they mentioned in past episodes.

The fans obviously enjoy all those presentations and many times without thinking about all the effort that takes to make such a show.

Thanks to this documentary, we have been able to see that the boys really demand too much to themselves, regardless of whether they feel good or bad, whether they are tired or not, they do it because of the love they have towards the ARMYs.

After this documentary, we seen in social media many fans talking about how hard it is to be an Idol, and how it should be more appreciated the work that BTS does

Besides that, they teach us the strong bond that unites them as friends and as brothers not only as coworkers.

During each episode they remind us of the importance of facing insecurities and surpassing each one of them.

Burn the stage leaves a lesson that we all must learn how to love ourselves and strive to be better every day.

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Written by Pamela Merino

Student of Internationals Affairs in University of El Salvador and I'm a passionate ARMY