Every Cute Story from the Bangtan News (Part 1)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, it’s Festa season!

For any new ARMYs, Festa season is the time of the year when we celebrate BTS’ debut anniversary, which happened five years ago on June 13th 2013.

Everyday BTS are also blessing us with unreleased content from the past year! Already, we’ve received the rock version of Fake Love (if you haven’t listened already, do so right now before reading any further), a photo album (which can be found on the BTS Official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bangtan.official/) a dance practice from the Golden Disk Awards and now, they have sent us the most important news from recent months: the Bangtan News!

(All translations cr. @nochusgaeul (Twitter))

So what’s the big news?

RM First Black Hair in 4 Years

Firstly, we hear from Kim Namjoon, who relates the challenges he has faced during his transition from having a shaved head to returning to his natural, choppy black hair recently.

‘It felt really different and as if I went back to my school days. In high school. Actually, I dyed my hair burgundy and brown often and also half shaved my hair. My hair was black in highschool so I remembered that time but it still feels awkward and like I have a wig on.’

Namjoon was then asked why he shaved his hair in the first place…

‘Just because I wanted to,’ was his simple response. ‘When I started senior school they were very harsh so I did it. When I moved to Gangnam I didn’t have to but I started growing it like a wolf cut and one day it got uncomfortable so I shaved it on the way to school. It was very refreshing. It was summer so I also shaved it because it was hot.’

Let’s all pray that Joon adapts to his natural hairstyle (that ARMYs are certainly loving) soon!

Suga is 25? How Suga de-aged because of J-Hope

Remember this video that was posted on Suga’s birthday this year?

Well, it turns out there was another episode to tell from this day!

J-Hope, aware of Suga’s fear of ageing, kindly put just 25 candles on his birthday cake as opposed to 26… well, okay, maybe it was just an accident. But Suga did end up blowing out just 25 candles instead of 26.

Testimony from Min Yoongi: ‘I received the cake and blew out the candles. But there were only 25 candles so I told off J-Hope… I asked him why he only put in 25 candles and he said that as time went on he lost his concept of numbers.’ 

We “J-Hope” that Hoseok can find his way back to understanding numbers soon…


Tan Lover V’s Boasting: “Tan is now beginning to sit.”

Who’s this now?

Ah, that’s right, it’s Yeontan! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The eighth member of BTS makes a return to the spotlight, showcasing his impressive new skills: sitting and giving his paw at the command of his proud owner, V! 

‘Tan can’t lie down yet but he has begun learning ‘sit’ and ‘hand.’ He can even do both hands. When I try to hold him he runs away. So it’s hard to hold him. But he still follows me when I go somewhere. Also he has gotten fat recently. He has eaten too much.’

Wow! Hasn’t our Tannie made so much progress since his debut? We can’t wait to see what he impresses us with next!


2018’s First Hike! Who Was Jin With?

Jin tweeted these photos back in March, but it turns out his peaceful pictures from the mountain came at a price:

‘I went with my friends to Seolaksan and saw the shaking rock. We left at 4am and arrived at 6am, but we got our place to stay for 4pm. So we first went to the PC room and played games for 5 hours. Then we went up the mountain. I shall never do that again.’

Maybe 2018’s first hike will also be the last…

That’s everything from part one! Let us know if you would like to see a part two by commenting down below or getting in tough with us at @ForeverBTScom



Written by Lisa Joan

Hi! I'm Lisa and I've been an ARMY since 2016. BTS encouraged me to begin dancing last year and now I'm part of a dance cover group called Saints Of Seoul. To thank J-Hope (especially) for inspiring me, I also started @JHope_UK, the first (and only) UK J-Hope fanbase!