FAKE LOVE is now the fastest kpop group to reach 40M

With the new release of Love Yourself: Tear, ARMYs were ready to break new records. The whole album was released on Friday morning as well as the MV for their Fake Love song.

And ARMYS set their sight on breaking Taylor Swift’s for most views in 24 hours. It looked very tough as they had to be well over 40M views in order to be able to set this new record.

But ARMYs don’t know the word ‘Give up’, they pushed hard for their goal while encouraging each other.

even though ARMYs weren’t able to break Taylor Swift’s record after only hitting 40M and needing more than 43.2M in 24 hours, everyone was excited! Last year, it took DNA 24 hours to get to 20M. We can see how this fandom grew so much from last year. We can’t be more excited for all the new fans experiencing how great this comeback is.

ARMYs still are pushing for streaming after about 7 millions views were deleted. This fandom is just amazing and so passionate for the boys. Youtube had many freaking out after the view kept changing yet, we finally had an answered.

Even if the Taylor Swift’s record was not broken, BTS is now the fastest kpop group to reach 40M views on youtube in 23hrs 23minutes. Be proud of your hard work ARMYs!


This writer woke up at 4 in the morning to join the madness that it was right after the album was released. It was totally worth it! being able to wake up to their amazing voices was great! So let’s keep streaming ARMYs, We can do it! This comeback is going to be the biggest so far and we can wait to see how many records ARMY and BTS will be breaking. So have you been streaming on youtube? What do you think about the views changing? Let us know @ForeverBTScom

Written by Adriana Garcia

My Name is Adriana and I'm 23 years old. I've been into BTS since 2014! Love all 7 members equally and I'm just so proud at how far they've come!!