G.C.F. in USA: A Journey from Jungkook’s point of view

Golden Closet Film aka G.C.F is a pseudonym for our golden maknae Jeon Jungkook, the youngest member of South Korean band, BTS. The vocalist had earlier confessed his love for editing and in one of his VLive videos, Jungkook talked about Video Class, a YouTube channel that shares tutorials on video editing and it is the same channel that the singer had been following to learn editing.

Eight months ago, Jungkook uploaded his first video via BANGTANTV (YouTube) where he showcased BTS’ exploits in Tokyo. The video gave fans a chance to experience BTS’ journey from Jungkook’s point of view.

When we thought that we would not be getting anything for at least a few months (considering BTS’ busy schedule), Jungkook dropped another video. Two months ago, the artist released G.C.F. in Osaka, a beautiful video project that showcased Jungkook’s growth as an editor.

While we won’t say that Jungkook has been a perfect editor since the beginning, we would definitely say that he has improved a lot. The singer does not do a lot of VLive videos but Jungkook has always made a point of sharing things he loves working on, videography being one of them.

His recent video is a case in point. Today, the singer released G.C.F in USA, a record of BTS’ moments in the United States of America. The jerks that were too evident in the first video project found no place in this aesthetic work of art. Using the warm filter, Jungkook presented a beautiful silhouette against which he placed his characters. While the first video focused on Jimin, this video pays attention to the details of each member. From Jimin’s hearty laugh and Suga’s stare to Taehyung’s intense gaze, Jungkook satiated ARMYs demand for members’ visuals.

Beginning with RM, the film culminates with BTS announcing themselves as the winners of the Top Social Artist award. The culmination of video is the peak point of their journey in the US and the moment has been captured really well by Jungkook.

We really loved Jungkook’s new video. What do you think? Share your thoughts via tweet @ForeverBTScom. Also, BTS have been nominated for 4 categories at CelebMix Summer Awards 2018. If you love BTS, make sure to vote for them! You can find the details here.