J-Hope Makes a Cameo In Drake’s Newest MV

The Kpop superstar makes a cameo in Drake’s newest music video for In My Feelings among other celebrities and fans.

Drake’s latest music video for his smash hit In My Feelings features a fun montage of fans and stars doing the viral dance challenge including BTS’ J-Hope.

Released on August 3, the BTS dancer making a short appearance as the music video concludes with a montage of people all over the world participating in the viral dance craze during the credits.

Along with fans, there were also clips of other celebrities getting in on the #InMyFeelings challenge including DJ Khaled, Dua Lipa, Steve Aoki, Will Smith, and social media comedian, Shiggy, who started the worldwide dance trend.

Since its upload on July 23, J-Hope’s original video tweeted on BTS’ official account has collected an impressive 10.5 million views and nearly 1.5 million likes, and has even inspired ARMYs to start their own #BASELINECHALLENGE with fans dancing to the mixtape track.

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Written by S. Acierda

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