Hey, you. We’re looking for new writers and social media managers to join Forever BTS, and help create a community that’s for the fans, by the fans. We’re a non-profit group, designed to spread the word about BTS and keep fans up-to-date on the latest news and gossip from the boys. Interested?

Why should I write for Forever BTS?

  1. We’re a brand new site, founded and maintained by real BTS fans
  2. You’ll be able to develop your writing skills live on the web
  3. You’ll get expert writing advice from trained journalists and industry experts
  4. You can put Forever BTS on your resume, and we’ll give you a reference if you’re good
  5. You’ll join a team of passionate, positive and loving creatives in the same boat as you

Am I eligible to apply?

  1. You must be passionate about BTS
  2. You must have had some experience writing in the past – even if it’s writing essays
  3. You must be hard-working and a team player
  4. You must be able to publish content on our website at least twice a month
  5. You must be prepared for constructive criticism and be ready to grow and develop
  6. You must be able to speak and write in fluent English
  7. You must have a Facebook account (this is where we communicate important things)

A few more things to bear in mind…

  1. You can write for other websites, but everything you publish on Forever BTS must be unique
  2. You are not paid for your contributions, because we’re a non-profit site

Apply to Write for Forever BTS

If you think you’d be right for Forever BTS, we’d love to hear from you. To submit an application, please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please note that, due to the sheer number of applications we receive, it may take several days to get back to you.