Jungkook A Gives Backstage Look Into The World Tour Life In ‘G.C.F in Newark’ Video

The BTS member gifts fans with his newest ‘G.C.F’ video, revealing intimate footage to one of the group’s most recent shows.

On October 2, BTS’ Jungkook dropped the latest addition to his online videos, giving fans a behind-the-scenes peek into the daily life of touring the globe with ‘G.C.F. in Newark VHS ver.’

Set in Newark, New Jersey, the video shows an intimate glimpse to one of the group’s more recent concerts for the ‘Love Yourself’ world tour. Jungkook opens the video in his hotel room before going through footage of the group’s rehearsals, a fun montage of performances from the concert, and an eager farewell from ARMYs as they depart from the venue after the concert. The video concludes with the BTS vocalist entering his hotel room filmed from multiple tasteful angles, the final shot set inside a hotel closet to which Jungkook closes.

The video includes a range of clips showcasing BTS’ off-stage personas that fans are sure to enjoy. From Jungkook displaying his superior taste for all things refined in life with his banana and Nutella toast to leader RM questioning why fellow member Jin shakes his head so aggressively when he brushes his teeth.

‘Golden Closet Film’ or ‘G.C.F’ are a series of short videos filmed with a travel vlog style all personally shot, edited, and directed by Jungkook. Different to his previous videos, ‘G.C.F. in Newark VHS ver’ departs from the BTS’ member usual stylistic colour grading, and a feature of a background music track. Instead, Jungkook opts for a more retro style, imitating the VHS tape look with the recording times and date visible, aspect ratio, along with the glitch noise effect. The video also marks the longest in the series so far being around 16 minutes to the typical four-minute duration.

Thoughts? Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Jungkook’s creative vision and skill. Can we expect more ‘G.C.F’ videos for other stops on the world tour? Does the ‘VHS ver’ imply that there’s another version out there? Tweet us at @ForeverBTScom!

Written by S. Acierda

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