New G.C.F Video Teases BTS’ Performance Rehearsal For The 2018 Melon Music Awards

BTS’ youngest member delivers another impressive G.C.F video, showcasing the members rehearsing through his skilful editing.

On December 2, Jungkook released the latest addition to his series of self-edited videos with “G.C.F 3J @2018 MMA Practice”, teasing fans a with behind-the-scenes peek into the group preparing for their stage for the 2018 Melon Music Awards.

In the video, Jungkook records himself and fellow members, Jimin and J-Hope, rehearsing for their short traditional Korean solos for the award show’s special stage of “IDOL”. Jimin practices the Buchaechum (부채춤) fan dance while j-hope rehearses for his Samgomu (삼고무) traditional drum performance. Jungkook is the last member shown to be going over choreography, running through his solo for the Talchum (탈춤) folk mask dance.

Unlike his past G.C.F videos, the newest addition centres on choreography, focusing on capturing dynamic movement through carefully timed fast cuts. This marks a shift from the past clips Jungkook has shared in which storytelling techniques typical in travel-type vlogs seemed to be the main focus. Here, the footage is nicely slowed and sped up to match the beat of the BGM, though, movement always remains the emphasis. Effects are also scattered throughout to keep things interesting, however, not to the point where is wear out its impact. It’s a first for Jungkook, and he does it quite well.

Fans showed an immense appreciation for Jungkook’s growing editing skills and his effort, and also showed love for three of the group’s dancers.

Fans also became excited at the prospect of the video’s BGM possibly being self-produced. Different from previous G.C.F clips, the newest video lacked the usual credits and copyright disclaimer in the description. Fans also had difficulty trying to find the track on the popular music platform, Shazam. However, that was quickly sorted out once the track was found.

Thoughts? Is there anything that Jungkook can’t do at this stage? Can we appreciate the fact that he does this all in his spare time and that he feels comfortable enough to share it with us? When will Jungkook let us know which editing software he uses? I really need to know. Tweet us at @ForeverBTScom!

Written by S. Acierda

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