RM Teases Mysterious ‘mono’ Tracklist For His Second Mixtape

Three years after his debut mixtape, the BTS rapper is to be releasing his second before the month ends.

On October 21, RM teased fans with a tracklist for ‘mono’, the rapper announcing the release of his second mixtape within the days to come.

Both official Twitter accounts for BTS and Big Hit Entertainment posted images of a handwritten track list with “mixtape” curiously scratched out and replaced with “playlist”. The ‘mono’ is to have seven new tracks and is to feature English EDM duo HONNE, Korean artist eAeon, and Korean indie band NELL. According to RM’s post, his second mixtape will be dropping within the upcoming days with the release date set to be October 23.

As per usual, ARMYs were quick to theorise connections and possible hints the rapper may have made in the past in relation to his second mixtape. Though, as fast as these theories were to invade the timelines of fans so too was the curious speculation about what ‘mono’ could possibly entail.

To the surprise of no one, within an hour of the posts, ‘mono’ was quick to take over Twitter’s global trends as fans celebrated the upcoming release of RM’s mixtape.

‘mono’ is to be the BTS leader’s second mixtape with his debut mixtape, ‘RM’, having been released three years ago on March 20, 2015. ‘RM’ had eleven tracks and while it showcased his amazing abilities as a rapper, it also explored the vulnerable side to RM, delving into sensitive topics of identity, loneliness, and existentialism. It was well received by critics, even featuring on SPIN’s ’50 Best Hip-Hop Album of 2015.’

Thoughts? Are you excited? How can you not be? Do you already have a favourite track yet or a song you’re looking forward to hearing first? Do you have ideas of your own about what ‘mono’ could possibly be about or be like? Tweet us at @ForeverBTScom!

Written by S. Acierda

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