RM’s ‘mono’ Tops Multiple iTunes Album Charts & Sets New Remarkable Records

RM breaks phenomenal records set by his own group as he becomes the South Korean artist with the most #1 on iTunes’ global music charts with the recent release of ‘mono’.

Within hours of its release, ‘mono’ had set a new best record in becoming #1 in multiple iTunes Top Albums charts in 88 countries and regions internationally.

With the dubbed ‘playlist’ now becoming the South Korean album with the most #1 on the digital platform’s global album charts, RM’s feat just surpasses that of his own group’s achievement. The previous record was set by BTS’ ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ which topped had topped the album charts in 85 countries.

In the second day after its release, RM’s ‘mono’ currently still remains #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Album chart. So far in 2018, the top five albums from South Korea with the most #1’s on iTunes are all by BTS and the group’s members with j-hope’s debut mixtape, ‘Hope World’, topping the charts in 75 countries.

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Written by S. Acierda

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