South Korean President Moon Jae In Congratulates BTS and ARMY

Due to BTS, achieving Due to BTS, achieving number one on BB200, South Korean president, Moon Jae In congratulated the boys and ARMY for topping Billboard 200 with their album ‘Love Yourself 轉 Tear’. Moon Jae In had posted the message congratulating in both Korean and English on his Facebook page.

President Moon Jae In mentioned how the album ‘Love Yourself 轉 Tear’ was the first Korean album to claim first and the first non-English album in twelve years. He mentions how all seven members have their own unique style that stays true to themselves.

BTS has given strength to young individuals across Korean and around the world. The way BTS expresses themselves on stage through their outstanding dancing and vocals, they have filled many with hope. Moon Jae in also mentioned how BTS and their music has transcended regional borders, language barriers, culture, and institutions.

President Moon Jae In mentioned that Bangtan means bulletproof in Korean, and which was born out of the will to protect teenagers from prejudice and oppression. All seven members will be remembered for a long time. He had once again thanked BTS for spreading joy in Korea and the rest of the world with their wonderful performances.

BTS had retweeted the thank you message from the president. Not long after, Taehyung and Jimin tweeted thanking ARMY for making this possible.

Jimin also posted on the fan café, saying how proud he is of the ARMY. He was shocked to even see the thank you message from the president. Jimin has no words to express how he really feels and marked today as a memorable day.

Due to Jimin’s lovely message on the fan café, many ARMY were touched by Jimin’s words, even expressing tears of joy. He had sparked up many kinds of tweets, saying how sweet he was, others congratulating him, and praising them.

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Written by ParkSora

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