The Little Things

“Its the little things.”

A quote we hear quite often. And it does ring true. We sometimes reach for the big dreams, wanting our lives to change and become complete. But, in reality, most lives are created from a collection of little things.

We hear of celebrities changing lives by helping people, families, communities. Donations, good works, awareness. These are wonderful things. And BTS is a band that truly believes in giving more than they receive in many ways. They use their position to bring awareness to various organizations and causes that they feel need to be brought out into the spotlight.

Then you have people who have been touched by the words and music of the band. Words that came at a crucial point in their lives. Words that they deeply needed to hear. So many stories of how their music, their positive message, their personal stories, have connected with people who were at a point where they saw no light. BTS brought them that light. Turning people from unthinkable acts of self-harm, and helping them to learn to love themselves.

But what I am talking about here are the little things.

And I will use my own story here as an example.

I am an older ARMY. A mother to a 10 yr old ARMY daughter. I do not socialize much, as I also suffer from depression and social anxiety. All my energy went to my daughter to make sure she had everything she needed. I was slowly draining away.

Three years ago, coming across BTS by a sheer fluke, I found something interesting. I delved into their music, then the message and, lastly (and most recently) their community. Yes, it took over two years before I started connecting with other ARMY.

And that is when things happened.

My quiet, solitary self, became drawn into a community of people worldwide. All ages, all genders, all backgrounds, all faiths, all cultures, all languages. All connected through seven Korean men and their music. I began chatting with people from all over. I slowly started joining groups of ahjummas, like myself, so I could feel more comfortable, but I found many younger ARMY didn’t care about age. It was family.

I slowly connected with people, and then I saw an admin in one of my groups had written an amazing article on this website, and said they were looking for writers.

“I used to write,” I thought. I loved to write. I found art and beauty in the written word. I am one who connects better in writing than talking. Speaking to me is sometimes similar to talking to a squirrel on crack. My words come out jumbled, I say weird things, I do not make sense. My brain works so much faster than my mouth.

“Should I try?”

Why not?

So, I sat and went over a story. And came up with an additional fluff piece as a backup. Sent them in and waited.

And here we are on my second story. I have reached a dream that I had so many years ago, that I never thought I would see. One I gave up on. One I had actually allowed myself to almost forget. I had written something and it was well received by people who did not have to say it was nice in order to spare my feelings. I was beside myself.

So, because of this band just being, and the community that has grown around them, I have come out of my shell, made new friends, revisited an old passion of mine that I had long given up on and learned many new things. I have even been able to help others. Oh, and did I mention, I will REALLY be stepping out of my safety zone in October when my daughter and I drive 16 hours from Coastal Carolina to Chicago to see BTS play live? And that I will be able to meet some of the awesome people I have connected with online?? A move I would never have even contemplated just a year ago?

Changing my life via the little things.

And I am not the only one. I have chatted with other great ladies (just ladies but I am sure there are guys out there as well), whose lives have been changed because of the band. Starting a business inspired by them is one way. Someone returning to writing music after never touching a piano for 20 years is another. Spurring on a group of people to make a change in a strangers life because they were inspired to do so by watching BTS doing something similar.

Soon we soon learn that big things, big movements, big changes, are really just a cumulation of many little things. And this continues to spread and grow.

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Written by Leslie

I am a single mom to a 10 yr old miniature version of myself. That alone should scare many people. I may or may not fight crime in a sparkly suit at night (it has never been proven it was me). I'm also a Marvel geek who has a secret crush on Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier/White Wolf).
I have been ARMY since 2015 when I saw one of my favorite Marvel reactors on Youtube react to one of their videos and was insanely curious. After going down the BTS rabbit hole, I dragged my daughter in with me (she fought it tooth and nail at first!).
Any questions? Just ask!! It's ok, I have had all my shots! I can be found at the twitter @secretsquirrel_