Tiger JK Expresses Gratitude Towards ARMYs As “Timeless” Tops Several Global iTunes Charts

Tiger JK extends thanks to BTS’ ARMY as the rapper’s collaboration track with RM tops multiple iTunes charts worldwide.

Within a little more than a day of X: Rebirth of Tiger JK’s release, “Timeless” achieved to hit #1 in 23 countries. The collaboration first topped the iTunes chart in Saudi Arabia before charting in other regions including Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Peru, the Philippines, and Sweden. The track has also managed to top the iTunes Kpop chart and the U.S. iTunes hip-hop chart.

The South Korean hip-hop pioneer took to Twitter to show appreciation for the love the track has been receiving, making mention that it was a first for him. Despite, the album not signalling his retirement from the music scene, the effort by fans was a lovely note to the end of his activities under Drunken Tiger.

Though, Yoon Mirae, Tiger JK’s wife and another influential figure in the South Korean hip-hop her own right, had beat him to it by celebrating the track’s chart success on Instagram.

In a recent radio interview with B1A4 vocalist Sandeul, Tiger JK had revealed that she had woken him at midnight with the news and expressed thanks to fans from all over the world making an effort to see the collaboration track chart.

“Timeless” is not the first time that Tiger JK and RM have collaborated, the two rappers having worked on MFBTY’s 2015 track, “Buckubucku (부끄부끄)” with other rap figures. RM has often cited Tiger JK as one of his major musical influences and role models. Meanwhile, Tiger JK has shared how RM had challenged his thoughts on idol rappers with his ability and has noted that the BTS leader was the first artist he offered a feature to for Drunken Tiger’s latest album.

The collaboration track is the 15th song off of X: Rebirth of Tiger JK and has a classic hip-hop edge. In spite of its current success, Tiger JK had mentioned that the track was born out of a shared desire to produce a sound that they both wanted to pursue with no regard for chart positioning.

Released on November 14, X: Rebirth of Tiger JK is the tenth and final album released under Drunken Tiger’s name, marking the hip-hop team’s 20th-anniversary. The album contains two discs complete 24 tracks and six skits and features a number of other collaborations with other notable artists in the South Korean music industry. X: Rebirth of Tiger JK has been made available for Korean streaming services, YouTube Music and Apple Music. Other international platforms like Spotify are expected to follow shortly.

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Written by S. Acierda

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