AGUST.D to SUGA: A Look into One of K-Pop Idols Fastest Rappers

From an underground rapper to a worldwide phenomenon, Min YoonGi, more formerly known as SUGA, from BTS began his musical career early on in his youth.

Born on March 9, 1993, Min’s aspirations to become a musician originated during a time in his adolescent life in which he was struggling with depression when he first laid hands on a piano and began to play. Against parental opposition, Min then began producing and composing his own lyrics and beats from his hometown, Daegu, where the member, under the stage name Gloss, partook in an underground rapper group named D-Town (short for Daegu Town).

With solid musical repertoire, Min took a stance to further his ambitions when he auditioned for Big Hit in 2010.

Initially, Big Hit planned to debut a hip-hop quartet with Min performing alongside current members RM, J-Hope and producer Supreme Boi. However, plans changed and as a result, Min came to be a permanent member of BTS with six other members, even releasing tracks before their official debut.

Three years after the debut of BTS, an alter ego named Agust D made his musical appearance. Agust D, which derives from DT (Daegu Town) and SUGA spelled backward, released a mixtape which laid bare the life story of Min. His messages, his opinions, his thoughts. Everything was relayed through these tracks.

The road to success and global fame was not an easy path, particularly for Suga. He has given fans his life story via music and continues to showcase his growth as a producer, composer, and artist by fabricating iconic hits such as ‘Fire’, ‘Save Me’, ‘I Need You’, ‘Blood, Sweat, Tears’ and more. Min has faceted over 60 songs under his name according to the Korea Copyright Association, including ‘If I Get Drunk Today’ sung by Suran, which was the first song he produced for an artist other than BTS.

Additionally, Min who is notable for his tongue technology has been labeled as the third fastest rapper amongst K-Pop idols.


Additionally, aside from his talents of producing and songwriting, Min is also a master pianist.

Min is also known to utilize his platform as an entertainer to speak on LGBTQ issues, daily issues common folks face, underlying political issues and the like. His pre-debut track ‘518-062’ alludes to the events of the Gwangju Democracy Movement back in May 1980 during which Koreans were under military suppression. Many fans have theorized that ‘Spring Day’ alludes to the tragic Sewol Ferry incident in 2014.

SUGA along with his fellow members – RM, J-Hope, Jin, V, JungKook, and Jimin are progressively transforming what it means to be a K-Pop idol and we cannot wait to see what these seven men tackle next.

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