BTS “ARMY Mom” Phenomenon

ARMY: Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth

My version of ARMY:

Adorable Representative of Mom feeling Young

I am a 56-year old mother of a 16 year-old ARMY.  I work full-time in marketing and


If you expect the BTS fandom to consist of only squealing teenage girls as represented in many media reports, you will be surprised at the devoted following of “older” fans.  Yes, many ARMY are youthful in age.  But there are just as many – perhaps more – that are also “very youthful in spirit.”

Some call themselves “MARMY” (mom+ARMY), or noona – 누나 (older sister), or ajumma – 아줌마 (auntie) – all nicknames that depict fans that are older than the Bangtan Boys.  There are also ARMY “men” – the hyungs () that consider BTS their donsaengs (동생). For the longest time, I thought I was a rarity in the fandom.  But the more time I spent on social media, and then after attending BTS events, I saw that I am surrounded by amazing women – my age – who adore BTS like I do, as well as male fans from all walks of life, who also love BTS.

Now, I am ALL FOR screaming and having a good time when I see my idols.  At the taping of Ellen last month, the audience mainly saw the young girls in the crowd, drowning out the interview. Spin Magazine even wrote an article about how the show consisted mostly of screaming: BTS Were on Ellen and I’m Screaming!

But what you didn’t see was this – me and another mom, both with daughters who are ARMY, enjoying the show, and fan-girling with the best of them. Our inner 16-year olds were very happy this day.

ARMY Mom (56) & Etsuko (48)

It’s great to see that older ARMY are making themselves known. Some recent examples shared on social media include:

  • ARMY Dinner BBMA-eve in Las Vegas

    • This charming 52-year old man in Japan dancing his heart out to “DNA.”

There are also myriads of groups that support older fans, like these on Facebook:

Bangtan Moms & Noonas Facebook Group

ARMY’s Ahjummas Facebook Group and Twitter


It’s all well and good to read about older fans, but here is living proof of older ARMY in the Bangtan Moms & Noonas Facebook Group.

Above Left: Leslie W., Jacksonville, NC, Age: 50, ARMY Since: 2015, “They are respectful and kind, the best role models for our children today!” Above Right: Victoria G, Phoenix, AZ, Age: 27, “I love BTS because they send out positive messages with their music.”
Above Left: Danette B., Seattle, WA, Age: 48, ARMY Since: 2017, “I am ARMY because I truly love BTS… They NEVER cease to amaze me!” Above Center: Debbi Y., Sacramento, CA, Age: 50, ARMY Since: 2015, “My home environment was challenging….for me and my daughter. Then she found BTS…..and everything changed. She got so into their music that little by little I saw more light and less dark. These boys literally saved her life. I am forever grateful to these seven boys!” Above Right: Kellie S., Elk Grove, CA, Age: 42, ARMY Since: 2014, “I am ARMY because I love what these seven talented guys represent. I love the pure emotions and positivity of their music.”

We are ARMY!


Written by ArmyMOM

Even though I am old enough to be a their mother, I'm all about the Jjang Jjang Man Boong Boong.