BTS Pre-Record Comeback Show

This Saturday morning, that is to say on Saturday night (Korean Schedule), the pre-recording of the BTS comeback show was made in the city of Ilsan in South Korea.

Many K-Army attended the event and provided information about what the show was like, how the boys were dressed, what they do and what they expressed to the fans

After the presentation, K-Army inform that the boys had brought dinner to all who attended the comeback show.

Even the fans who attended, mentioned some of the things that the boys told them.

“JM said that they practiced until very late at night / early morning, they were very tired but NJ woke up early and wrote expressions / phrases in English for all the members” .

Minutes after the event ended, some of the members updated their Twitter account, uploading some selfies. Even RM in his tweet expressed that ARMY is the best of him.

As same as RM, Suga uploaded her own selfie, with the phrase: “It’s late, please get home safely. Thank you”.

Jimin and Jin are not left behind either, they uploaded a selfi of both with the caption: “I forgot to write something ㅠㅠ Thank you very much for coming today, I was very happy.” as a thread

Only 6 days left for Love Yourself to officially come out. The teaser of the new single Fake Love, is expected to be released very soon.

Also on May 18th, you can see the comeback show that was pre-recorded this day, through the VLive App…which app is available on PlayStore and AppStore.




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Written by Pamela Merino

Student of Internationals Affairs in University of El Salvador and I'm a passionate ARMY