Get To Know: Kim Namjoon of BTS

Kim Namjoon (김남준), also known as RM, was born in Ilsan-gu, South Korea on September 12 1994. Before he was a member of BTS, RM was an underground rapper by the name Runch Randa. Get ready to be blown away as we explore the many facets of this man.

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Bang Si-Hyuek (Big Hit’s CEO) attributes the creation of BTS to RM after he was extremely impressed by RM’s rapping skills. There’s a lot about RM than he’s IQ (which by the way is 148) he’s bilingual, has produced and written a plethora of songs for BTS and in collaboration with other artist. RM has said he learned English thanks to the American show Friends. Which is more than short of amazing (there are some of us that have tried learning Korean for the last 5 years) as learning a new language is very difficult to achieve.

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Namjoon has many talents, but first let’s talk about his hand in producing and writing of his solo projects. Before releasing his mixtape, he collaborated with Warren G for the song titled ‘P.D.D (Please Don’t Die) which he talked about with hiphopplaya in this interview. 

RM: As soon as I heard the song, the words of ‘Please Don’t Die’ naturally came to my mind. I think I unconsciously thought that it would be fun to speak of a slightly brutal story on top of a soft beat.

In this interview he also went to talk about receiving advice from Warren G about hip-hop and what it truly means.

RM: I wanted to ask Warren G a lot about hip-hop. Like Warren G stated, things like ‘shooting guns, doing drugs, robbery’ aren’t things that are hip-hop itself, but a negative side that’s included within hip-hop. It’s like an uninvited guest that shoved its way into hip-hop, but people said that that’s hip-hop. He also told me that hip-hop is something that’s open to everyone despite what race you may be or what language you may speak. I heard a lot of great things from him besides those as well. Although it may seem like a very obvious thing, but the weight of it just felt different when Warren G said it. And after everything he would say, Warren G attached “It’s all Good.” When I heard those words from the side, then my mood felt really good. Should I compare it to the feeling of a grandfather telling good stories next to you

(RM in interview w/ hiphopplaya 2015)

He also collaborated with “MFBTY” on the song “Bucku, Bucku” and was featured on the music video as well.

RM also collaborated with Marvel for Fantastic Fours’s sound track, releasing the single titled “Fantastic” featuring Many Ventrice on August 4th 2016.

He also collaborated with Wale on the song titled ‘Change” released on March 19 2017. With this track, RM and Wale teamed up to talk about many issues like racist police and criticizing the government, topics that are still relevant a year later.

I’m tryin’ to keep it a hunnit
Got no faith in the government
That’s why we need each other, hey
Laughin’ to keep from cryin’

His latest collaboration was with Fall Out Boy on the Champion song remix released on December 15th 2017.

On March 17, 2015, He released his solo mixtape titled ‘RM’ which contains 11 tracks and the catchphrase ‘U do u, I do I’

In the same interview with hiphopplaya, RM wanted to show the many sides that make him including the good and the bad, and to ‘Do You’

RM: “You Do You, I Do I” is the catch phrase for this mixtape. What I want to say is that, “You do what you have to do, and I’ll do what I have to. But I’m like this.” The thought of, “You’re you, and I’m me” is the largest thing that’s been taking control of me lately

(RM in interview w/ hiphopplaya 2015)

In their 2016 album “Wings”, Namjoon released his solo song “Reflection”

He explained in their “Wings Jacket Photoshoot” that with this song he poured his emotions on inner turmoil and self-loathing.

But you know, sometimes
I really really hate myself
To be honest, quite often
I really hate myself

RM has said many times that he was very high expectations of himself and when is very hard with himself after failing. He also stated in one his Vlives that when he was struggling, he would often visit Dduksum to clear his mind.

Dduksum, which has swallowed up the night
Hands me an entirely different world
I want to be free
I want to be free from freedom
Because right now I’m happy but I’m unhappy
I’m looking at myself
At Dduksum

Now that we have touched on his solo work, let’s move onto his work as RM of BTS. Kim Namjoon wrote “No more Dream” from their debut album “2 COOL 4 SKOOL.” He has stated that inspite of being smart and a good student, he had no dreams of his own.

This song talks about the skewed South Korean education system and young adults forced to be into jobs they don’t wish to have.

RM: For this problem, there’s already a solution within me. My thoughts is that people in their 10’s are the same now as they were back then. They continue to not have dreams, don’t want to study, and have no idea what it is that they want to do. They just want to become a civil servant or make a lot of money. I believe that it’s the same now as it was when ‘Warrior’s Descending’ came out. That’s why we’re just trying to plainly express the reality of now. “A student that just studies hard even though they don’t have a dream” is exactly who I was. It’s not something I was trying to pull out old stories for, but something that was purely my own story.

(RM in interview w/ hiphopplaya 2015)

Namjoon has been credited in every album since BTS debut as composer and producer. Below is a chart compiled by @dailyunnie on twitter.


This is just a list of their past work. As seen, RM is very much involve in every aspect when participating in BTS’ work. He was also revealed to have work in 11 songs of their new album “Love yourself: Tear” as shown below.

In an interview, he stated that sometimes there are days where he can go to his studio, named Mon studio, and spend 12 hours doing nothing and go the next day and make magic happen within 30 minutes. Those 12 hours enable those 30 minutes of magic, he states.

As seen on the interview, while in the US, he carries mostly the interviews as the rest of the members are still in the process of learning English (as we’ve said it’s very difficult, specially when they have to learn Japanese as well. Yes He speak Japanese as well!) Here are more interviews of their time in the US and Namjoon being great at trying to incorporate the rest of the members. he’s very mindful of them still learning yet encourages them to speak.

Kim Namjoon is a genius, a compassionate and very mindful individual that keeps growing as the years go by. He is crazy talented and we can’t wait to see what this music genius has in store for us as he as teased about “RM 2” his second mixtape. He deserves all the appreciation and love for creating such masterpieces as a solo artist and as well as a member of BTS. So what do you think? Have you tried to learn more than one language by just watching a show? isn’t that crazy? Let us know what you think by tweeting us @ForeverBTScom

Written by Adriana Garcia

My Name is Adriana and I'm 23 years old. I've been into BTS since 2014! Love all 7 members equally and I'm just so proud at how far they've come!!