Is BTS really that special?

How many times have we heard that phrase? “BTS are not special, they are like any other kpop group” While it might be true in some sense that BTS is still kpop because they sing in Korean, they are far from the stigma built around this genre.

We know the story bts came from small company in the verge of bankruptcy. We know of all the members struggles to continue their career in spite of the many setbacks they had. Yet, what does BTS have that the rest lack? We see trainees going through excrutiating dance and singing lessons. BTS are not the only ones that have gone through it.

BTS took that into their advantage. That’s what makes them different. The sincerity with which they regard the success they have. They are thankful for the bad times that brought on the good times. More often then not, in a world that is driven by money, we tend to forget that each one of us is human. Not a machine, mindlessly performing tasks. BTS bring that human side out. They tend to show their flaws and support each other to get through them. The aren’t fit into a mold of a “rapper”, “dancer”, or “singer.” They bring out the best of each other be it as colleagues or friends that have known each other for a long time. They let their flaws be a source of strength and they encourage everyone to do the same.

The beauty about BTS isnt the flashy clothes, catchy beats or their handsome faces. It goes deeper than that. At the end of the day, their essence is still of those 7 boys who dreamed big, who had fears and doubts, who had sleepless nights practicing harder, but at the end of all; the sweat, blood and tears were worth it. They set an example for the rest of us that we can fly and touch the sky in spite of our circumstances.

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Written by Adriana Garcia

My Name is Adriana and I'm 23 years old. I've been into BTS since 2014! Love all 7 members equally and I'm just so proud at how far they've come!!