BTS Impresses With Their Powerful Moves In Idol Dance Practice Video

The Kpop group continues to stun fans with their slick moves in their latest dance practice video.

On September 2, BTS released their dance practice video for their most recent title track, Idol.

Recognised for their intense live stage performances and dynamic choreography, BTS continues to lives up to their reputation by showing off their flawless synchronisation, complex formations, and their ability to pull off complex moves in this full shot video.

Danced in the member’s casual clothes, Idol’s choreography has been noted by fans for its exciting blend of traditional Korean dance elements and the South African Gwara Gwara.

Meanwhile, the #IDOLCHALLENGE craze has continued to draw in more people, attracting not only some unfamiliar faces but fun flash mobs full of heart.

Thoughts? Has Idol taken the spot for your all-time favourite BTS choreography? Have you been part of the #IDOLCHALLENGE sensation? How does Jungkook manage to see with wearing his hat like that? Tweet us at @ForeverBTScom!

Written by S. Acierda

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