BTS Releases New ‘IDOL’ MV Featuring Nicki Minaj and Celebrates The #IDOLCHALLENGE

The Kpop group drops a new music for the version of ‘IDOL’ with the Nicki Minaj rap verse and gives a fun shout out to #IDOLCHALLENGE participants.

On September 7, BTS released the music video for the alternate version of ‘IDOL’ featuring Nicki Minaj and footage from the #IDOLCHALLENGE craze.

The music video remains largely the same with the exception of a small number of additional scenes on the same sets. Like her rap verse, Nicki Minaj is seamlessly featured in the new music video, BTS appearing to video call the U.S. rapper before transitioning into scenes of Nicki Minaj enjoying herself on a set as that is just as colourful and vibrant as the rest of ‘IDOL’. The music video then concludes with a fun montage of ARMYs of a diverse range of identities showing off their moves for the #IDOLCHALLENGE that has recently taken the internet by storm.

Late last month, Big Hit Entertainment had put out a notice translated into several languages, asking a list of participants of the viral dance craze for permission to use their clips for a then-upcoming video. The company also acknowledged the challenge’s origins, recognising South African ARMYs for starting the dance challenge.

Nicki Minaj had also previously teased fans about her featuring in a new music video for the alternate version ‘IDOL’ on Instagram when BTS’ latest album, ‘Love Yourself: Answer’, had initially dropped and the alternate version of ‘IDOL’ was made available on streaming services.

As per usual, fans celebrated the release of the new music video, trending #Feat_NickiMinaj and #IDOLftNickiMinaj on Twitter, spotting the differences between the two music videos, commenting on the female rapper’s scenes, and commending the group for their inclusion of #IDOLCHALLENGE.

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Written by S. Acierda

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